How to make a Livery Bussid himself in the Android

How do you get Livery?

For some people, making livery Bussid in the Android is one way to improve creativity and to be more interesting. It can prove with many works of the children's work that are circulating online. Some make it for free and some others sell it for it.

Besides making livery, many players do redesain skin bussid to what they want. Here, I'll share a livery bus template myself with an app in the Android.

For the material, it takes an editor application like Piscart. After that, kamu bisa mengunduh template livery yang disediakan di with various kinds of types that you use. Or, you could choose another template if you wanted to edit Livery.

To keep your bus going interesting, you can add a certain piece with stickers. The sticker you can put in strategic locations and not block the other parts of not overlapping.

How to make a Livery Bussid yourself on the phone

Open Piscar Application and make a special measure of 1024x1024 (general size livery)
  1. Open Piscar Application and make a special measure of 1024x1024 (general size livery)
  2. Add the design of the template has been downloaded.
  3. Then, knock on the layer's option and hold the image for a second and then move it to the layer one.
  4. Add a second layer to the third layer process and a third layer for the sticker
  5. After the design process and colour is complete
  6. the next step is to move to layer three and add a sticker to the bus made.
  7. If you do, keep the picture with the format.png, so that the glass is not black.

How do you get Livery?

For Livery's installation, you can open an app, Bus Simulator Indonesia, then to the Garage, Paint Image, Select Livery, Find the Livery Location that has been saved, Install, Choose Free.

Before livery's livery, you should know the size of the bus and size of his own livery. Don't let you put up the wrong livery. Make sure the bus and the same kind of livery. If there's a mistake during the consignment, you can ask him commentary.